The Back Therapist

providing McTimoney treatment for horses & dogs

"Generally horses need a couple of treatments...Dogs sometimes need three or four treatments"

How many treatments do animals need?

This really depends on each individual animal. Generally horses need a couple of treatments - spaced at least 10 - 14 days apart (this is to allow any reactions to the treatment to settle and for the animal to adjust to its new alignment). Dogs sometimes need three or four treatments (spaced a week apart) due to the flexibility of their spines. However if your animal has had a long-term problem then they may require a longer course of treatments.

How will my animal react after a treatment?

This also depends on each individual animal but common reactions, for a couple of days following a treatment can include, being tired and stiff (due to toxins being released from the muscles during manipulation) or on the other hand they can be more bright and lively (if an area that has been in spasm becomes released during the manipulation).

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