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"The SCENAR device uses skin electro-stimulation and the signal is very close to a natural nerve impulse enabling the body to recognise and respond to it."

Therapy - Case Study: Cian

Cian is from a working background and was a typical outward-going, energetic puppy, but at the end of May 2009 we noticed that he wasn't keeping up with our other dogs when running and soon 'switched off' completely from his obedience training. He had no desire to play or chase and just wanted to lie down and curl up in the corner of the room.

Cian spent lots of time at the vets and after many tests and x rays, we were none the wiser to what was causing the exercise intolerance.

One of our other dogs was receiving McTimoney treatment and whilst carrying out the treatment we spoke to her about Cian's condition and she offered to do a trial of the SCENAR therapy on him.

We started having session with the SCENAR and the device was working mainly in the hind quarter area and after a few treatments Cian seemed to relax and enjoy having the therapy. We started to notice a few behavioural changes first, such as him wanting to come up on the sofa in the evenings and then instigating 'play time' with the other dogs, both of which he had not done for months.

In the meantime our vets referred Cian to a specialist in Newmarket for further tests. Again, all the tests were negative but they said that he showed some pain reactions in his hindquarters. He was then referred to the Orthopaedic Department in Luton who said he was humping his back when moving and showed some signs of pain when his back was manipulated. The MRI scan that was done showed that he had a degenerated disc in the lumbar region and also that his hips were fairly weak and 'popped out of place' when under anaesthetic. The advice given was to put him on high doses of Metacam and rest him.

I was amazed that the SCENAR device had hovered and worked in the exact place that the MRI scan had showed that Cian needed help and he continues to this day to have the SCENAR therapy and also swims at Hamilton's Canine Hydrotherapy which helps to strengthen the muscle and therefore stabilises the hips.

Cian is now a completety different dog and has become the young, motivated dog he is supposed to be. He runs flat out with the other dogs, has his 'cheekiness' back, instigates play with the others and now runs with a very flat, straight back, with no sign of 'pain related humping'. We did not use any pain killers (Metacam) on him and our friends cannot believe the difference in him. He is now enjoying life again and has restarted his obedience training.

Cian Cian

Mrs Henshaw, Waddesdon, Bucks

Therapy - Case Study: Harry

Harry is a 16 year old golden retriever. 2 years ago, Harry, along with another golden retriever Barley, was abandoned in a National Trust forest. They were both left tethered to a tree, incredibly underweight and in a very poor state. I have been fostering both Harry and Barley since then and make sure that all their needs are met.

After regular trips to the vets for check-ups, Harry started seeing Caroline for McTimoney and SCENAR treatment in may 2011. When he first started with Caroline he didn’t walk very much as he had did not have sufficient muscle in his hind quarters to support his weight for any length of time. He even struggled to stand up for very long and used to collapse in a sitting or lying position.

Harry has had regular treatments with Caroline ever since and he has gone from strength to strength! He has gained muscle on his back legs which allow him to go for a walk with his 10 year old house mate Barley every day and Harry always leads the way. He now acts more like a 2 year old than a dog in his senior years!! Harry loves his treatments and always bounds onto the treatment bed ready for Caroline to start! Caroline has done a fantastic job with him and I am so pleased with everything she has done for Harry.

Harry before his treatment Harry after his treatment. Looking much happier.

Sam Hazel, Aylesbury, Bucks.

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