The Back Therapist

providing McTimoney treatment for horses & dogs

"The treatment concentrates mainly on the spine and the pelvis...once identified problem areas will be treated by using very quick, precise adjustments."

What happens during a treatment?

Firstly a detailed history of your animal will be taken to give me a whole view of the animal and to highlight any problem areas or contraindications (reasons not to treat the animal or not to carry out certain adjustments).

Then I will do a conformation assessment and a gait analysis. This entails looking at the horse stationary and then in walk, trot, turning in small circles and backing up. This allows me to see how straight the animal moves, how well they can flex and whether there is any stiffness or difficulty in carrying out this assessment.

I'll then explain to you what is required and what will be done during the treatment before I palpate (basically feel and assess) your animal, looking for any asymmetries or misalignments and muscle tension.

The treatment concentrates mainly on the spine and the pelvis and once identified I will treat the problem areas by using very quick, precise adjustments. The speed of the adjustment overcomes any muscle tension and helps to correct the misalignment.

In any McTimoney treatment only the practitioner's hands are used and because the adjustments are relatively gentle I've found that animals are generally quite happy to receive them.After the treatment, I will compile a detailed aftercare and exercise (or rehabilitation programme) tailored to your animal's individual requirements.

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